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  1. I have installed the legacy version of Evernote alongside the new version and the Outlook clipper is working fine in 2019 with all of the previous functionality. The clipped note is clipped to the legacy version but also appears in the new version. This might only be a temporary solution but it seems to work.
  2. I completely agree with the comments above. The mail clipper in my desktop Outlook is a key function in my workflow. Please reconsider this. I also use Cronofy to take reminders from Evernote into my Outlook calendar. If this could be incorporated into any future desktop Outlook integration that would be great.
  3. Thabks for the reply. Probably to 8am. I do this manually at the moment but it's fiddly and time consuming and I wondered if it might be possible to either have a day setting without a specific time, or set a default time.
  4. Hi everyone I use the reminder function extensively as part of my GTD use of Evernote. I connect my Evernote reminders to my Outlook calendar. It would be really useful to have an "all day" reminder option as well as specific times in the day so that project reminders do not appear randomly within my feed. Would this be possible please? Or failing that, could there be a default time that remiders are set for if we choose to as at the moment it defaults to the current time? Bw Nigel
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