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  1. No, we fully understand what people are saying. HOWEVER...Gazumped & the rest of us (that don't have "Evernote Employee" by their avatar) are users just like yourself. And users don't have access to Evernote's roadmap or ETAs, since they do not publish them. SO...the best we can do is offer workarounds/alternatives to help people do what they want to do. If you elect to not use those suggestions, that's your choice. (shrug) Ohh, i guess i got it wrong. if you are not Evernote Emloyee i have absolutley no complaints to you. it seemed to me that you are answering in evernote's behalf. Anyway, whoever you are, i was just pointing out that you didnt answer the question posted by bubbleking.
  2. You dosnt seem to understand what people been trying to tell ya. I, like others here just want to be able to take a snapshot with the camera, add this snapshot to my note and resize it a bit, thats all. You keep coming back to photo storage and photo editing.... We dont ask that, just the resizing thing. Why rare you talking about piccasa and flikr????
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