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  1. There's no excuse for the lack of a highlighting feature in evernote. It's a note gathering and organizing software for god's sake. Even iOS has highlight feature and the fact that the desktop software doesn't have it shows how clueless evernote is. I'm becoming less and less enthralled with evernote. It now reminds me of what microsoft used to be: BLOATWARE. I don't know about anyone else but evernote loads slow, syncs slow, takes long to pull up notes sometimes and is filled with features that I truly believe not many people use but they won't and probably refuse to add highlighting. This shows how clueless and lost they are. I have evernote on my iphone 5 (which still runs slow compared to other apps), ipad 1, galaxy nexus and macbook pro retina. I used to think it was my devices that were old and perhaps that's why it's slow but once I've upgraded (except ipad 1) to the latest, it's still slow. I'll give one example of a piece of software that simply runs friggin awesome with a low memory footprint: DROPBOX. Do u know how fast dropbox syncs? It's an extremely efficiently and effective piece of software. I wish evernote was a good as dropbox in terms of speed and reliability across all platforms.
  2. I've posted how to highlight in evernote client for the mac in this thread earlier but it's a pain in the ass to do so. I highlight almost every day, and I agree, it's the most basic of functions for note taking software. Even iOS and Android clients have this feature but the desktop client does not. First let me just say that I love evernote and the team has done a good job, but there are 2 things that have really bothered me about this software. 1. highlighting (most basic function of note taking) 2. speed of software As a software entrepreneur, this leads me to believe that evernote has some core problems that reminds me much of microsoft type bloatware that I had to use in the 90s and into the last decade. The truth is I use evernote mainly because there is no other replacement for it that's cross platform and where I can carry my notes everywhere. I use my mac, PC, iOS and Android devices on a daily basis. They keep adding features to the software that I rarely use which I believe makes the program bigger in size and slower for devices. I realized that it wasn't my computer that was too slow having recently upgraded to the new macbook pro retina and iphone 5. It was evernote that was slow. The thing I love about google is that they are obsessed with speed. Speed of search. Speed of execution. Speed of results. My wish for evernote is that they focus on speeding up the software so it feels light and nimble plus include highlighting of course I'll never forget Steve Jobs keynote when he announced snow leopard. He said that they mainly focused on speeding up OS X and making it more efficient. That blew my mind. When I upgraded, it freed up about 12GB of hard disk space and OS X was faster. I was in heaven. Some examples of software I love who are obsessed with speed (and light memory footprint) is: Dropbox, utorrent and chrome
  3. This may not be the most efficient but you can highlight by taking the following steps (for Mac): 1. select the text you want to highlight 2. from menu item, select "format" -> "show fonts" or [apple key]+T 3. click on "document color" icon which will bring up the "colors" window 4. click on yellow color in the "colors" window 5. on "show fonts" window, click the "text color" icon 6. on "color" window, click on black color 7. close the "show fonts" and "colors" window Lots of steps but it works for me
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