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  1. This issue of the ipad safari webclipper for evernote, that once worked and now seems not to, remains unsolved, despite the assurance from an evernote employee in this forum that it would be dealt with quickly. How are things going with this? The capacity to maintain a synched set of research notes organised by topic and using web clippings is a major interest of anyone who researches using the web. Evernote, by being cross platform, has a lead, even though there are other web clipping systems. This is a really silly thing to drop the ball on if you want to stay ahead. Especially since, like probably most people with an iPad, that is the device I use most often for my routine research and clipping. Also worth noting, I usually access materials via regular reading of RSS feeds for which I use various services to access my google reader feeds (eg Feedler). These often have their own browser windows that open when you click to read a story. If I were Evernote I would put effort into enabling clipping within these as well as Safari. I used to use evernote as standard for all clipping but having lost the previously usable workaround ipad web clipper, my research work flow is much more complicated. I cant believe there are so few of us using cross platform devices for web-researching that its not worth putting resources into this. Hoping Evernote sorts it or it will be overtaken by someone nimbler.
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