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  1. I downloaded and installed the "older" version (5.0.7) as you suggested. Works great. Even when someone's climb to the top of the pack is based on merit, they're still a target. Appreciate all the EN folks have done to give us a good product. I'll keep using this version until they're able to sort things out.
  2. When I try to select columns to view, the options presented to me are Title, Dates, Source, and Size. Where are you finding a Tag option?
  3. I'm also a paid member who uses (used??) the Horizontal List View 95%+ of the time. For me the main advantages are more efficient use of screen real estate, and (most importantly) the ability to sort the list by tags. I use special characters (e.g. # . !) in front of certain tags. The list sorted beautifully on those and helped to organize my work over four locations. Adding a reminder feature is nice, but I use a calendar for that. If the two features are, indeed, mutually exclusive, I'd gladly give up Reminders to restore the Horizontal List View. FWIW: As someone said above, I'd come to this forum only if I had a problem. I've got too much to do to be checking various app forums just in case they might be thinking of a change. Forums are great, but for this kind of major change an email to registered users would give you a much broader data sample.
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