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  1. +1 This is essential. Scrolling up and down using 2 fingers is not functional. Being able to scroll while writing using the Apple Pencil would be ideal. Can we get this feature?
  2. I'm having the same issues. This is a critical bug in Penultimate. I have lost some very important notes. I typically take notes while I'm not connected to the internet. While taking notes the app crashes and closes and I lose some or all of my notes. I took notes today while connected to the internet and I didn't have any crashes. It may have been a coincidence. While disconnected from internet, isn't the app supposed to autosave frequently so you never lose notes? Is Evernote looking at these posts? When are they going to solve this?
  3. When is Pen going to be updated? The last iOS update was May 2nd and it desperately needs an update. I know Evernote recently purchased Pen but I thought they would seriously whip it into shape. What's needed fast: Auto syncing with Evernote Folders to organize notebooks Search feature Different sorting functionality Better wrist guard because current wrist guard is terrible Zoom as you write so our handwriting can be closer to our actual handwriting and so we can fit a lot more on a page Ability to import a pdf and write on it Thinner and better pen selection Ability to convert handwriting into text
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