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  1. So how do I make 5-10 new notebooks in a stack easily and productively? Before: click on the stack and create a notebook--boom! It was there is the stack. Now: create a notebook, hunt for it in the list of notebooks, drag it on the stack. THis is not productivity.
  2. The focus is on viewing notes--not making them. We need to be productive too. Please bring back some simple methods for easily creating notes, notebooks in stacks (stop making us do tons of extra work to MAKE NOTES).
  3. There are true usability issues with version 5. For example, I have a stack and want to create 5 new folders in it. I'm on a Mac. There is no way to simply make a folder in the stack. When I make a new folder--it is alphabetized with all the others and I have to drag it onto the stack. This excessive work has to be repeated 5 times!!! This is silly and time consuming. Your design is based more on looking at notes already made--browsing--not on allowing users to be productive. Please--get the basics right.
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