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  1. I turned Airplane mode off and on and then I added some text to my note (that was previously just an image) and then it did Sync. Don't know if that's a true work around or I was just lucky but I thought I'd share that.

    Thank you for trying to help. I did this after reading about it, but unfortunately like many others it did not solve the problem. But again thank you anyway.


  2. I'm with you, BREL. Not only did Evernote 5 ruin the functionality of Places/Location, now I can't sync house photos at all. I'm sorry I signed up for Premium. If I were still a free member, at least I could shrug it off as "you get what you pay for." Ah, the irony there.

    Me, too.

    I am not quite sure what the Premium thing is here....maybe I pay for the privilege of getting a useless EN App for my devices?

    Come on, seriously, Evernote-Team. I am far more than only pissed. Get this working right now! It is a shame that you are not at least sending a signal that you understand and working on it.

    This lack of communication an care for your customer is usually the beginning of the end.....


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