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  1. You would think that would work - but it doesn't. The only fix I have found is by pasting into Apple Mail - I guess the only way to provide a comprehensive list of things that work is for users to try it and post their success stories here for others.
  2. Not sure why Evernote can't be bothered to fix this but I have found a super simple fix for it (or at least to the original problem) Copy your text from Evernote, paste it into the body of an email - I'm using Mail on a Mac - not sure if it will work with anything else. Copy and paste that into Pages or whatever and all the problems go away. It's not a brilliant solution, but it does save a lot of grief. Hope that helps (a little)
  3. Forgive me if I have stuffed this in the wrong place. Basically, I'm a writer and a magazine editor and I'm almost using Evernote to the exclusion of all other word processors which I don't need and don't provide half the functionality that is actually useful on a day to day basis. A word count on the info button in the iPhone app and (I asssume the same thing) iPad app would be interstellar. Seriously - Word and Pages and all the other software or apps that profess to be what I need, aren't. This is lighting my fire and that would be insanely useful. Feel free to move it if you need... I don't do forums! Cheers
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