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  1. As has been pointed out by others here, the slow performance of the iOS app has rendered it virtually unusable on my iPhone. This has been an issue for some time now and unfortunately the latest update hasn't fixed it. I am a long-time and avid Premium Evernote user (>20K notes), so it is frustrating to have this gap in what is otherwise a powerfully unified system for capturing and managing information. Clunky workarounds with other iOS apps can get the job done, but why is this still an issue? Please listen to your users and get this fixed!!
  2. Yes. In the Tags window, click on the popup menu in the upper right and select 'My Tags'. How does one activate said "popup menu"? In the Tags window on my Evernote 5.5, there is no such thing. ??? Here is what I see: i) A drop-down menu for my account sign on ii) An icon to sync Evernote with the cloud iii) A satellite dish icon for shared notebooks iv) A button for "+New Tag" v) A drop-down menu for "+New Note in <Notebook>" vi) A button to organize by "Name" or "Note Count" vii) Plus all my tags and the stuff in the sidebar I have left- and right-click
  3. Yes, we were referring to the filtering of tags (All tags, My tags, Business tags) which has been in for a while now. Where does one find the command for "filtering of tags"? For the Mac??? And where is the command for defining tag categories ("All", "My", "Business")? These sound like great features... but... I have scoured the app and also just spent several minutes looking through your help files. I cannot find anything that seems to apply to the Evernote 5.5 application I am running on my MacBook Pro. Confused. Hoping the solution is obvious once explained.
  4. @Jackolicious... glad to hear that an update for better tag management is on the way. FYI the "note view" really isn't an issue (for me, anyway), it is the tags that are at the root of the problem. Either way, thanks for the reply, nice to know you guys are following this, hoping the update helps!
  5. I completely agree with the points made in this thread. My husband and I share a couple notebooks, with the goal to make it simple to mutually access certain types of information. But ever since one of the recent Evernote updates for Mac, my husband's *different* tagging system has started showing up in my collection of tags. This is really a problem! I use tags extensively, and having similar-but-different tags mixed in together is really making things a mess. Although I fully understand that some collaboration groups will benefit greatly from sharing tags on notes, the ONLY way this ty
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