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  1. Clicking on "Click to select tag" resets search line and search results, like I just selecting tags with empty search. On the other hand, when I selecting tags at first in "Click to filter by tag" line and then clicking on search line, I have empty tag filter line, like I initially click only on search. After twice hit Alt+Shift+T tag prompt does not continue. This prompt is resets after selecting one tag. I select first tag, then I select second, tag prompt just blinks and first tag replaced by second. I can post some screenshots with these problems, if you need this. I'm sorry. My English is not very well.
  2. Ok, "hide anassign tags" deprecated (for now at least). I have Evernote for Windows desktop Public. I have notes about Windows 7 in my notebooks. Tags of it: "Protocols", "Instructions", "Info", "Desktop", "Server", "Programming", etc. I use Win+Shift+F for fast search. I put "Windows 7" in search and I get search result. How can I quickly filter this search by tags "Protocols"+"Desktop"+"Programming" using some sort of new ideology, which implements 4.x functionality of "Hide anassigned tags" + tag multiselect at left panel? FYI, in 5.0.x there is no "hide anassigned tags", tag multiselect in left panel is not working without resetting search string (evernote just permits multiselect), alt+shift+t is not working (there is a glitch when I trying to enter multiple tags using only keyboard; clicking on "Click to filter by tag" resetting search string).
  3. I'm premium user and I have some offline notebooks. Also I have a number of saved searches. These searches addressed to those offline notebooks. If my phone with fully synced offline notebooks and turned on offline seach becomes offline, saved searches wouldn't work. I understand "offline search" term as "evernote has offline search function which is the same as online search function, but can work in offline mode with offline notebooks". Evernote is some sort of platform for GTD. In this case search speed and availability of search function are critical for me. Can someone write down some links, where I can read and fully understand a mechanism of offline search? I want an official description of offline search function.
  4. Same problem. This problem appeared in 4.6.0 Beta 2 and not solved yet.
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