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  1. 4 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    My forum activities include posting feature requests and adding my vote to requests.  I also post feedback on bugs I encounter in beta testing, and product use.

    I have no use for "Boohoo, Evernote's so bad" posts.

    Fair point.  I guess I must only notice your "defence" posts.  Which leads me to another gripe with Evernote and this is that the forums are not particularly user friendly to me.  In particular, the feature request forum (s?) appear to lack much engagement from Evernote management.  Some analysis of what feature requests have been implemented over time, which are in the road map (with some indication of timing for implementation) and which are not being considered at all would be very helpful.  BTW, I am also an avid user of Evernote and have been since about 2005.  Over 19,000 notes and nearly 1,000 tags.  It is clearly the best note app available - nothing is close - but it could be improved enormously.  Finally, I am also a keen user of Dropbox for traditional file storage and the Dropbox experience is always impressive and incrementally gets better.  Now, if we could get the Dropbox management team to run the Evernote product ... then I suspect Evernote could move from 200+ million users to perhaps twice that!  Let's hope the new CEO can make some tangible change to the organisation.


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  2. 10 hours ago, DTLow said:

    There are many reasons and benefits for using the Evernote service.
    The IOS prompt issue is anoying but I'm not letting it ruin my life.

    Hi DTLow

    As I suspect you are one of the most diligent and respectful contributors to the Evernote forums, I do often wonder how much better Evernote would be if you would direct your commentary to pointing out the clear opportunities to improve Evernote by way of fixing bugs and introducing new features as opposed to generally defending the product as it is.  Just trying to be constructive....


  3. On 10/4/2018 at 8:42 AM, DTLow said:

    Did you actually add your vote?
    Voting buttons are at the top left corner of the discussion.

    I am an infrequent poster but have used Evernote since the early days before Phil Libin. I have 19k notes and hundreds of tags. It is my most used software for personal and business purposes.  I would certainly appreciate having nested tags in iOS and have placed my vote appropriately.  I would also appreciate having a tag button on the black action strip at the bottom of the iOS version alongside notebooks, search etc instead of having to access tags indirectly.  My main point in posting is to register my dissatisfaction with Evernote for being effectively silent on this topic.  In my opinion it would be good business practice for Evernote to give an indication as to if/when they are going to introduce the feature and if not, why not. BTW, this comment applies to all feature requests.

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  4. Mighty makes some great points. How difficult can it be to do this enhancement? On a more fundamental level, why do companies like Dropbox release improvements continually and Evernote seems preoccupied with fixing bugs?  Evernote has so much potential but it has dropped the ball for the last 5 or so years. You are really testing the patience of your customers and I certainly hope the company’s board is attuned to this sentiment.

  5. I also would like to see the cursor default to the title section of the note.  With its automatic time stamping feature and simple means of deleting completed items, Evernote is the best app I have found for a simple To Do list.  It would be much better still if I didn't have to move the cursor every time I wanted to use it!


    Given this thread is over two years old, it would be very appreciated if someone from Evernote could shed some light on if and when (and if not why not) this feature will be added.

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