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  1. With Safari 13, Evernote Clipper is incompatible and was removed. But the next time I launched Evernote, I got this message: 


    Old Evernote Data Found
    The data found at '/Users/.../Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/Evernote' is from a previous Evernote version which cannot be migrated. If you have unsynced data or any local notes (i.e. content that does not show up when logged in to the Evernote web client) then it is recommended that you quit this version of the app and export that data with the old Evernote app. If  you choose to continue, then all of your synced account content will be fetched from the Evernote service.

    I didn't knowingly do anything to update Evernote from some "old" version. I guess I can just fire it up and see what disappears but since I don't KNOW what I had that was local, I don't trust that I know if I am safe. And HOW do I "export that data with the old Evernote app" if I don't HAVE the old app????

    Suggestions, please?

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