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  1. I have switched to Windows Firefox Beta V52.x. Problem solved. Thanks very much!
  2. Dear Evernote, My latest version of Firefox gave me this disturbing news. Just wanted to know if you are aware of it. Is there anything that can be done about it please. Webclipper save my life!
  3. In Evernote 5 Windows I could see the number of notebooks in the area where all the notebook titles appeared if you made a new notebook. This view has disappeared, together with this useful number.
  4. Hallo everyone, I am new to the forum. Love Evernote, even got Premium for my 17-year-old For instance: Writing urgent, but complex, emails on my phone/tablet it is easier to me accidently pressing the send button before I have finished. It is easy to write it in Evernote and then to copy it into the email programme often I have difficulty getting the formatting presentable, and end up copying the text to Word to format itWould appreciate better formatting in v6.0
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