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  1. I've gone back to a "Notebook" folder in my dropbox folder where I throw a bunch of subfolders and text files. They're always available locally and easily searchable using any desktop search software available for linux. At the moment I use both nepomuk (part of KDE) for basic search returns and recoll for more advanced searches.
  2. I like the web interface -- but it's nice to have the notes downloaded to my hard drive as well. I gave up on KDE at version 4. I guess I don't do well with change. True, I forgot about having it stored locally because I'm on a desktop with a constant internet connection. I do use the client on my macbook and tablet for just that reason. You should try KDE again--it keeps getting better and better. Version 4.10 is definitely the best yet (to be released 6 Feb, but RC3 is already available).
  3. Interesting but not very appealing for the KDE crowd. Even if they introduced a linux client, it would likely be gtk-only. As a linux user, I've learned to live with the web interface.
  4. This doesn't make much sense. For security reasons login credentials are stored on Evernote's servers, yet notes are stored locally and can even be accessed without contacting Evernote's severs?
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