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  1. Well consider Evernote is where I usually keep notes of all types – since that's the whole point of the app – it's where I would drop code snippets and write notes about them. Doesn't really seem like a stretch to me. You can drop in full web pages, formatting and all, so why not code? I realize it isn't the primary target for Evernote, but obviously there's an interest, as evident by this thread (and many others). Besides, you're posting in a thread specifically about Evernote's "code block" feature – which they already include, albeit in a confusing, hard-to-use, and feature-incomplete manner.
  2. I've given up on Evernote for code note taking. Black-and-white code isn't very helpful, and not being able to set a custom format for it is too limiting. I've moved my notes into a separate project in SublimeText (my daily code editor). Each "note" is just its own file, and "notebooks" are folders. Comments I want to make are just standard code comments. Everything's easily searchable and syncs via DropBox. When using SublimeText in this way – with all my code notes in their own project, and my file list on the left – it mimics Evernote's functionality, while adding syntax highlighting in real time, and even includes code autocomplete. It would be nice to have those notes searchable with my other notes in Evernote, but it just doesn't work for code, so I had to find another option. Once I update my MacOS I'll probably move all my Evernote notes into the Apple Notes app (I'm still on Yosemite, which has the old Notes app, which is very limited, but the new version can compete head-to-head with Evernote).
  3. Agreed. Or even better, syntax highlighting from something like pygments. I know, it's a stretch when we can't even customize the code block format; not to mention the basic code block we do have has been behind an unchecked preference for almost a year; but if Evernote wants Developers to use their app for their code notes, it's a must have feature. If Quiver finishes their iOS app before Evernote gets code syntax highlighting, there's going to be a massive exodus of developers – me included.
  4. I second this. I just went through this whole mess – first confused as to why the "Format > Code Block" action didn't work, then searching around for a while before finding this thread, then going through the process of deleting the App Store version & installing the website version, and enabling the feature. If it doesn't work in the App Store version, the option should not be in the menu. Period. It's terrible UI to have an option that's disabled / doesn't work and there's no way to enable it. If it must be behind an option then put that option in a preferences section that makes sense ("Software Update" does not), and add it to the App Store version, too – I can't imagine the app is being blocked because of that option/checkbox. And if the checkbox is not checked, then remove the menu option, or prompt the user to enable it once they've selected it. Don't just include a menu option that does nothing. The fact that this has to be pointed out – and that it hasn't been fixed after it was pointed out over 5 months ago, and present for over 11 months – makes me question Evernote's UI/dev teams' abilities.
  5. I doubt this (website pasting) will change anytime soon. There is so much going on with that, I don't see Evernote investing the effort into making sure that pasting HTML into XHTML works well. Even Word can get funky with this stuff. I doubt this (funky formatting in regular notes) will change anytime soon. It is a longstanding problem. The best solution for me has been to use FormatMatch. It is free. It activates / deactivates with a shortcut. All you do is select your text, cut, and paste it back in. Everything ends up unformatted. If you like formatting, this might not be for you, but for plain text folks like myself, it is a simple solution. I have been using an option in Butler to paste in unformatted text - sometimes; But there are times when I do want formatting, and I just want to edit the formatted text. It's a pain having to paste it all in as plain text and re-format it all from scratch. Thanks for your suggestion nonetheless.
  6. I completely agree. I just updated to the latest Mac client, really hoping that THIS time the formatting issues would be fixed. I thought I saw a blog post or update somewhere that said it got an overhaul. I was heartbroken to find it's just as bad as aways, especially when I paste something in from a website. I just pasted in a simple table, with 2 columns and several rows, and tried editing it. It was impossible. On another note (and this happens all the time), when I delete a row, between a heading & a paragraph, for instance, the paragraph will completely reformat, often to something completely different from either the paragraph itself or the title. Sometimes this includes the leading (row height) getting set to such a low number that the rows butt up against each other. As far as I know, there's no way to change leading. I always end up pasting my content into TextEdit, making my changes there, and pasting that into Evernote. But then, even if I have to change just 1 small thing, I usually have to copy it back into TextEdit or all the formatting will get screwed up again. This is HUGE for me! It's super annoying, and really feels like it shouldn't be this way. I wish it would just use the same editing engine as TextEdit (if that's possible) or at least function similarly. Right now, it's just super frustrating to use, which doesn't leave a nice taste in my mouth after every time I use it, and that adds up after a while to make me want to look for an alternative that handles formatting right.
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