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  1. Please, at LEAST, make sure there is a stable release available for download on the page where we're supposed to download Evernote! If this is a beta release, please note that and provide a link to the most recent stable release!
  2. So, I decided to try out Evernote for the first time yesterday, since Wiki on a Stick no longer works on Firefox. I downloaded the Mac client and Firefox Web Clipper, made three notes, and went to bed. In the morning I went to school and signed onto the Evernote web client. One of the notes was missing: weird and frustrating, maybe it hadn't synced. But it's clearly a cool tool, so I made a dozen or so more notes before going home. But when I open Evernote for Mac 5.0.3 (400675) (on OS X 10.6.8), it did not sync. Moreover, only one of the three original notes I had made on the client were still there: there was one missing, and another one that I had later modified via the web client was now missing (but still present in the web client). In fact it wouldn't do anything. Quitting and restarting—nothing. Signing out and back in—nothing. Quitting all applications, logging out, and logging back in before restarting—nothing. So I checked the forums here, someone advised quitting, deleting or moving my user folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote then reopening Evernote. I tried that, but the only difference was that all my notes were gone and it would not sync. Or actually, the program clearly believed that it HAD synced, because on the list of things to do in Evernote, once I clicked "Sync", the "Sync with Evernote" suggestion became crossed-out, as if I had successfully synced. But I still had no notes on the desktop client. I tried clicking "New Note", but that did nothing, even though I had created several notes with that earlier. I tried reinstalling after closing all Evernote software, but this accomplished nothing. It was completely broken. I've not submitted a bug report and activity logs because I'm new to the software, and more concerned about trying to figure out how to get it to function at all, in a timely way. This has been, for me, a very poor introduction to Evernote. Thanks to the folks that posted a link to Evernote for Mac version 3.3. That seems to be working just fine, in comparison.
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