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  1. An Open Letter to Evernote - with lots of praise for the turnaround as well as feature requests to keep the momentum going. Dear Evernote, Thank you for saving your company, your product, and ultimately, your customers. I’m about as heavy an Evernote user as you can imagine: I have been using it as my file cabinet, my planning system and my recipe archive for over ten years and I love the application. But between 2015-2019 my frustration hit a peak: I tried three separate times to leave you – just fed up with the bugs. Had it not been for just one or two missing features in yo
  2. Sometime in the past few months the font typeface used in Presentation Mode (Evernote for Mac anyway) changed from a beautiful sans-serif font to a plain-and-ugly serif font (Times?). I've tried to control this manually (by changing the font in the note) but it looks like Presentation Mode always wants to override the fonts in the note. I've searched the help systems and forums without success looking for a way to control the font in Presentation Mode, but have found nothing (it is nice that I can control the font-size, but why not the type-face too?). Had the old font not been so beautiful
  3. I agree. I just discovered the tab bar today after upgrading to 6.12.1 and love the idea - but it is useless to me for "fast switching" and consolidation (which I assume is the purpose of the feature) unless I know what note each tab represents.
  4. BUG: Cut one full bulleted line from within a bulleted list, then try to Paste into another bulleted list. EXPECTED RESULT: Cut line(s) are pasted into the second list ACTUAL RESULT: No data is pasted at all and the only way to get your cut data back is to Undo. I use cut/paste in lists so often that I spent the past month using Apple Notes for my day-to-day notebooks awaiting a fix. When none came I finally took the time to downgrade (kind of a pain to do manually) today. I still love Evernote and would prefer to continue to use it, but bugs are becoming more and more of a pr
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