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  1. Yeah, nothing there either. I've been looking at other alternatives.
  2. Evernote has been uninstalled, it's not in task list and doesn't show up on revo list of programs, so I can't uninstall something that's not there.
  3. Went back a couple of versions and still getting that error. Don't understand it. I am able to install other programs, never had a problem and now Evernote is telling me they have a bug and to be patient. I don't see anyone else with this problem so don't know if the are yanking my chain or what. I think I better back up my stuff just in case. Love Ebernote but their support really sucks. Hate the chat, tickets take days to get solutions with the back and forth BS. I'm never, ever buying another thing that doesn't have phone support. Pay them enough money for support so where the eff is it
  4. I'm getting and error trying to reinstall after an update failed. Tried to get previous version but after asking for it SIX times in chat, they still won't tell me where previous versions downloads are, if there are any.
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