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  1. So turning off bold means you can't make it bold again? Or are you doing remove formatting and then things are broken?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions / request, I created a note bug to track and shared all the info with the Product Manager
  3. Known issue with a request to honor custom colors (i.e. not over ride what the user has selected) currently unsure of when this will be changed.
  4. Known issue with a request to honor custom colors (i.e. not over ride what the user has selected) currently unsure of when this will be changed.
  5. So the problem happened with 6.6? (which had an update to the editor) - could we get copy of a note that is having the problem, so dev can take a look?
  6. Sorry for the problem and thanks for the reporting, we are tracking this and working on it
  7. The sticking to note width (instead of just increasing to current width) is a feature request - what you are seeing is the current design :-( Along with the removal of HR (lines) and Code block from the new tables - I will add your note to the request of adding these features back in
  8. Do you mind sharing the steps or problem note that has this problem so Dev can take a look?
  9. I was told someone was following with you on this (besides me saying something is following up) - has anyone gotten back to you?
  10. Never suggested it made sense. I would per tables to stick to the width of my note most of the time (there is a feature request for this) - however for now this is the current design. :-(
  11. Thanks for the report and notes, created a new bug to track this and ran into similar behavior using your steps
  12. What Browser are you coping from? Currently with Chrome when I paste into a note I don't get a table (running Chrome on Windows 10) so wondering what step I am missing.
  13. Does paste and match style help any? (control+shift+v) and do you have the URL of the Github page you are pasting from so I can show Dev?
  14. Since you are the owner of the notebook that is a confusing. At least it sounds like things are getting better. It almost sounds like the changes weren't taking effect for the new notebook (changes being the updates to the editor) - so just to check is everything working correctly now? (if so it would be a syncing/sharing problem that was breaking)
  15. That is several levels of bad This note almost sounds like it is ready only, so editing it doesn't work (or stick) - I am guessing this isn't a note that is shared with you. If you export the note and re-import it, does it behave? (allow edits and they stick?)
  16. OK, sorry it is being slow about processing your tables (guess the function wasn't beat up enough against power user accounts) - and this update is suppose to help with the previous problem you and and many others ran into. If you got a note with really stubborn tables I can take a look if you like.
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