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  1. Unfortunately Mac and Windows each say font size but use different math (pixels vs points) we are working on a better solution
  2. In software development it impossible to fix all bugs - and usually when a product enters only bug fix more - it turns into maintenance only software and users never see any new features :-(
  3. We test with Excel often, and haven't run into this suggesting we are missing a formatting style or template that use with your tables that are impacting the new table UI Can you share more details?
  4. No worries, as for the "why" the editor library was updated, but the team didn't have a time to include the update and get the build out (as fast as they wanted) - logistics
  5. Sorry this is fixed, but the updates didn't make into the beta - it will be in 6.13
  6. There is a follow option at the top of this post that allows the controlling of notifications
  7. So you have zero notes listed if you go to the all notes view? are the notes on the web? (if not did you open a support case for data lost?)
  8. So you have zero notes listed if you go to the all notes view? are the notes on the web? (if not did you open a support case for data lost?)
  9. Can you right click in a problem table and go to the table option and choose upgrade table and get back what you are looking for/need?
  10. It looks like a table was being used for laying out the note and 6.12.2 really message it up - it is possible to get a copy of this note (ENEX file) to have Dev take at look at it?
  11. In a nutshell we use rendering engine that is behaving a bit different than what you are seeing with Firefox and Safari, they should behave the same, when they don't we try to fix ours.
  12. Exporting the note would be more helpful for Dev - you can right click on the note if the snippet view is shown or if the note is shown just go to the file menu and export - this provides the ENML - the markup language used by Evernote to represent the content of notes. Because ENML is a superset of XHTML, it's easy to present rich content in Evernote notes.
  13. If go to the menu on mac there is option for View, and you can get the same list that is in the windows screen shot above
  14. Yes, it highlight removes the background - bug is filled the fix will be in a future
  15. Yes, it is "command+z" the window standard hot key or from the menu bar Edit -> Undo - are you finding an instance where this doesn't work?
  16. Not at this time, meaning are tables only for layout of information, and do not have any type of data function (like sorting or formulas). There are no current plans to change, mainly because there are so many awesome data tools out there - like google sheets, MS office, etc.... ("awesome" my be subjective for some folks, sorry)
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