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  1. Interesting, so far just typing (I didn't copy and paste anything into the note) and using only hotkeys, I haven't had the list misbehave yet - currently I am using Beta 2
  2. For the lost formatting issue, do you have a sample note dev can take a look at (along with a screen capture of what it looked like before it broke?) Are the TODOS indented with the space bar, or tab or the indent buttons (or hot keys) and are you also using the check boxes or just having an itemized list?
  3. The links almost appear as one - there is a an existing bug were an extra line is added between tables, that has been fixed and will in the next Beta
  4. The two images are looking the same to me Are the line feeds happening in the body of the text or does it look like extra padding in the table (rows getting bigger)?
  5. We have 2 issues tracking similar problem with Code Block and fonts not behaving - not sure of the time frame for the fix at the moment
  6. Happens with just notepad too. There is a similar issue being tracked for Mac - but I filed a new bug for this to make sure no one forgets it
  7. We'll have QA look at it more, paste from Excel (Office 365?) on Mac
  8. Not a beta issue, sorry the fixed hasn't be brought in (into the editor) yet for this
  9. Highlighting text in a table cell with a background color causes breaks in background color - known issue fix is pending Tables get an extra space above them when you leave and come back - by design Trying to bold/italic all text in a table cell that has varying bold/italics doesn’t work correctly- known issue fix is pending Pasting without formatting still keeps links - by design Fn+Delete won't bring a line of unbulleted text to a bullet - looks to be fixed in a later editor update - not sure of release target (date)
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