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  1. Thanks for the reply. I AM able to see the notes at Evernote.com and on my desktop client. I didn't realize that they didn't sync unless the downloaded notes are set to offline searchable. So if I understand correctly, if I desgnate the target notebook of the watched folder on my Android devices as offline searchable, this should resolve the problem, right?
  2. I've created a watched folder on my pc but the files in the watched folder don't sync with my Android devices. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  3. I am trying to use Evernote as a bookmark manager. When I find a site I want to include in my bookmarks, I share the site with Evernote but it creates a new note. I would prefer the ability to share web content to a specific folder, in this case Bookmarks. If this is already possible please let me know. Or if there is an alternative method of doing the same thing that would be great.
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