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  1. They will disappear when I delete them then sync. But on the 3rd sync they show up again. The only Extension I use is for Chrome, and its just the Evernote Web Clipper.

    I thought it might be because of my computer at home is running Evernote too, so I remote connected and deleted the Notebooks, then exited Evernote there. So the only running version is the one on my computer at work. But they still keep coming back, after the 3rd sync. It does not seem to mater if the sync is manually done or automatically. (right now I have it syncing every 15 min.)


  2. This may be an obvious solution but I am not finding one. I keep seeing 2 new notebooks showing up that I did not create. Meeting - Past & Meetings - Upcoming. I have deleted both now several times they keep reappearing. I do not want them in my Notebooks list. How do I make them go away, permanently? Any help would be appreciated.



  3. I tried Everbot on both Gmail and the Google calendar. It never did work right on the Calendar. When I submitted a problem through their tool, I got one reply saying they would look into it, but never heard back from them again. I have since uninstalled the Everbot extension and don't plan on using it again.

    It's a great idea, and I think they were on the right track, but they need to up their game on support, and customer service if they want to see any real fruit from this tree. I also think they may need to do a bit more testing before they release a product.

    That's just my .02 worth.

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