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  1. One other thing you might consider, its what I do, if you have a notebook for each project, Once a week or even at the end of the project, I merge all of those notes into one big note, then move that single note to a archive notbook. It makes it nice and clean and keeps a record of what happend durring the project, incase you have to refernce something later. If the big single note is too big, then I would break it in half IE Part 1, or Part 2 Etc.

    I have used this for a while now, and with the Evernote search power, makes finding information on past projects easy. But keeps things looking clean and efficient.

    I even keep a daily log of work, then merge all of those into one note at the end of the month.

    I also use GTD. :-)

    Good luck.

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  2. Hey all,

    Just an observation I had when installing the upgrade When I do the upgrades should it be asking me to authenticate my account the first time it starts? Because all the upgrades I've done just start up the first time with no authentication required. That to me seems like a security hole. I might be wrong but it's something I noticed.


  3. I have to agree, with what has been said here. The Personal and Business notebooks need to be kept seperate. Not only is it professional, but could end up being an ethical one. For my part, I do some ministirial work and just the thought of those notes whitch are highly confidential, accidently being posted in a Business notebook, really scares me. I really hope EN will keep business and personal notes seperate.

  4. On other thing you can do is go ahead and use your Ipad for taking notes in class, but get yourself a Zagg keyboard/case. I use my Andriod with a Zag keyboard and BT mosue. I sometimes don't even use my desktop computer wtih this setup. My tablet has enough processing power to do just about anything I need. Word processing, Spreadsheets, Etc. It has a fast powerfull browser, and of course EN :-)

    In fact I have the apps for doing remote administration here at work, Im in the IT dept. and there have been times when I go most of the day in meetings Etc, and I use my Andriod tablet almost exclusively.

    Just another option. On the flip side, it's hard to resist the appeal of a new toy ;-)

  5. I really like this new version. However the only thing I can find that is really annoying is performance. I am using a 2.5Gig Core 2 Duo with 4G of ram, and EN is sluggish. It's not as snappy or as quick as V4.xx.x

    My home computer is even worse, it's almost not usable. That system is just an old Pentium 4 HT 2.8Ghz with 2Gig of ram. I know it's an older system, but I had no trouble with V4. V5 is way cool you guys did a great job, but the performance on somewhat older system has suffered. It's not going to make me leave EN, I am loyal fan/user. Jus thought you should know that on older systems this new version has performance issues.


  6. If you do ever need to save a full page, and it will actually fit on your screen, you can use the Screen capture feature of EN. On the Window's platform the default is WINkey + PrtScn. then just click on the the top of the browser window. But if you just need the content, you can use Clearly. It does a great job of getting the meat of the webpage and removing the adds and other garbage from around the main content.

    Good luck

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  7. My two requests would be for better outline support, the top thing on my list, and for a better spell checker.

    I really love Evernote I think it's an awesome tool and I do use it for everything.

    The folks at EN have done a great job, and have one of the best products available. Keep up the good work guys. Well done!

  8. You can setup that folder in EN, on the windows platform it's under tools, import folders. Anything you dump into that folder will automatically get put into your default EN notebook, or you can specify which notebook it will import to.

    I use it all the time for my scanning of documents at work. The scanner drops the created pdf into that folder, then EN syncs boom there it is in my default folder. It's pretty neat.

  9. The way I do my journaling is; I have a master note and each time I want to add something I start a new note then merge the new note into the master. The reason I dont just edit the master note, is my tablets performance with very long notes is very poor. So with a fresh new note I dont get the lag when I am typing into the note. I also use the date in the title of the new note, and using the merge function I can keep them all in cronological order. Hint: when Merging files, on the PC use the CTRL key then select the master, then the new note. This will "append" the new note to the bottom of the Master.

    Hope that helps.

  10. I had the same probem when I switched off of the Palm OS. The best thing I found was to export all your palm notes/data into text files,. Save those text files directly into the Evernote import folders.

    You will have to go back later and rename your notes in EN if you want to. But that was the best way I found of doing it. Short of copy and Paste.

    Good Luck.

  11. I never used Note Everything, but I did use an outliner on the Palm platform. When I wanted to move that information into EN, My only option was to export all the data into a huge text file, then drop it into a single note in EN. If I need some data out of that I use EN's excelent search featres.

    It's not elegant, but it does work, and I did not have to spend hours copying & pasting, or exporting then converting each item into a single note.

    It may not be the best solution, but it worked. Hope that helped.

    Oh and by the way, the reason I did it that way was a limitation on the Palm Appllication, it was not due to anything wrong with EN. :-)


  12. We mainly use EN to store all of our photo's birth/death records and other info off of sites like Ancetory.com the Clipper and Clearly work well for this. I use a specific Notebook for "Family Stuff" and tags to organize within that notebook. WE use EN more as an archive rather than tracking the acutal geneology. My wife uses a couple of different programs for the "Tree".

    Hope that helps


  13. I agree this would be a great feature, maybe somone out there could come up with a barcoding app that would export the barcode, and possibly any information, docuemnts, pics etc, about what the barcode is, like a book title, or picture of the Item to purchase. Either way it would be a very nice feature. I could see many uses for either an app like that, or something integrated directly into EN.

    Just my .02 worth.

  14. I also see this problem with my tablet, Archos 101G9 and a Zagg keyboard. I found that if the note I am editing is large, there is a lot of lag. If the note is new and empty, I dont see any lag at all. It might have to do with resources of the tablet. But I have not been able to confirm that yet.

    Just FYI

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  15. Hi Kevin, 


    I use EN for GTD to. I found a Youtube video that helped me get started. I use a modified version of what is shown here. Here is the link:




    I also used Outlook for GTD, and I found that because I am "cross platform" it was difficult to keep things up to date. and required me to cut past, and re-emailing myself to keep things current. It was not very "mind like water" at least for me.  

    Evernote has solved that problem, for me, so I highly recommend using EN for GTD. 

    Check out the video. It might give you some ideas. 

  16. Good Morning eenochs,

    I use an Android phone and a free application called Camscanner, If my writing is legible enough, then camscanner will convert it into a pdf, that when uploaded to evernote becomes a searchable pdf. but your writing has to be fairly neat to get this to work 100%. I miss a few words here and there, but it works well enough for me. 


    I hope that helps.

  17. If you are having trouble getting the 3rd party apps to work, or if like me you are using older hardware that does not have enough horsepower to run WINE smoothly, one option that you might consider is Evernote does have a web interface. You could access Evernote though the web browser in Linux. I use Firefox on my Linux box, it works great.

    Good Luck,

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  18. Thanks for all the input, I must have some extension running somewhere I don't remember installing. I will check all the systems I have touched with Evernote. I appreciate the quick reply's, and @Browncoat, I did check my Evernote account, and disallowed everything, (there were only 2) but I'm still seeing those two messages Notebooks showing up. It has to be an extention somewhere. just a matter of finding it. ;-)

    Thanks again everyone.


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