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  1. I think I found another bug for the latest update - the keyboard shortcut for Copy Note Link no longer works. Selecting it from the menu works fine, but not using the "control-option-cmd C" that used to work. I have tried my keyboard viewer and it seems like those keys are still working, although trying to create the shortcut myself through the Settings app>keyboard>shortcuts has the same not-working result. Has anyone else had this problem recently? I tried searching but didn't find any reports from this latest version. Hopefully this gets resolved, I use this shortcut a lot!
  2. I'm having trouble with the new skitch 2.5.2. Any time I try to log in to my evernote account, it unexpectedly quits. This happens whether I try to do it first thing, or say "Do this Later" and go back to it. I tried both the apple store and evernote.com versions and both have the same problem. I am using mac os 10.8.3. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. That took care of it! Thank you very much! Yep, this worked for me, as well. Thank you!
  4. I've noticed that in the newest version (5.0.3) of evernote on the mac, when I delete a note, it remains in the notebook with an extra note that says it is a deleted note and can't be edited. In previous versions, it was moved to a trash notebook, and if you wanted to, you could restore it from there. I much preferred the old version way of deletion. The reason I delete notes is because I want it gone! My workflow uses a 'tasks' notebook, and for minor tasks that I don't need to bother archiving in my completed tasks notebook, I would just delete them quickly with the delete key. Now if I do this, they are still in my tasks notebook and are just clutter. Can this be fixed in an upcoming version? I understand people may like this feature if they accidentally delete notes, but it would be nice to have an option in the preferences to go back to the old delete system. Thank you!
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