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  1. The new client application for Windows looks slick! Being a Mac user myself, I only use the Windows app on my work PC. I can't help but think that the Mac app always is miles ahead of the Windows app. With this version, the Windows app comes very close, though! I've been using the V6 since yesterday and I have 3 remarks: I'm not able to find my saved searches. I read that I'm supposed to get to them by right-clicking in the Search Area, but unfortunately, that doesn't work. See attached file for the popup I get when I use right-click in the Search Area. Furthermore, I'm not able to
  2. +1 The way I do it now, is open the image in another program (e.g., Preview, Acorn) and resize it. When the change is saved, the image is entered into the Note with its new size. But this should all be possible within EN itself, of course...
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