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  1. Odd that the tab doesn't work for you, it definitely works for me. I definitely understand the desire to never leave the keyboard. Does that happen across all websites? Or if it is generic, you might have something else messing with the way that focus is allotted. Could it be your operating system? I'm running a Mac w/ Mountain Lion.
  2. Hi Everyone Good news if you have Chrome — they pushed out a new update recently that included support for activating extensions via customizable input. Steps Hit: '⌘' + ',' to go to Settings Then click into the Extensions window Then just scroll to the bottom of the extensions browser under settings and click 'Configure Commands'. As seen here Here you can add whatever keyboard shortcut you want (for those who suffer from decision paralysis '⌃' + '⇧' + 'e' or control + shift + e). My recommendation to make this even easier is to map the capslock key to control (⌃), If you want to do that in a mac you can under in the system preferences → keyboard → 'Modifier Keys' see image below For non-Mac users, I'm sure there are good resources online for how to remap a key as outdated as the caps-lock key. I hope this turns out to be helpful for people! Cheers, Mike Credits to ↬ http://superuser.com...hrome-extension
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