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  1. IOS 7.0.4 iPhone 4s Certain notebooks and notes refuse to open. Here's what happens: 1. I open a notebook and navigate to a note. 2. I open the note. 3. The note opens but only the portion that fits on screen. Trouble is I can't scroll down and pictures and media don't seem to come through. 4. I sit there and figure I'll wait for it to load. 5. Evernote closes and I'm back to my springboard. 6. I re-open Evernote and it is back where it was before I started Step 1. Please help. I can't rely on Evernote with this happening. Interestingly I don't have this problem on my iPad. I can view the trouble notes there with no problem.
  2. Hell. Yes. It's working again. Man I love this feature. - OS version number: 10.8.5 - Safari Chrome version number: 31.0.1650.57
  3. Where do I drag the downloaded file? I don't know what is meant by the "Manage" page.
  4. I'm just glad to know I'm not going crazy. It worked then it didn't. I thought I was going something. On a side note: sliced bread took years to catch on and only did so because plastic made it possible to store the bread without drying out.
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