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  1. Nick, I use Instapaper to collate reading material whose native format is digital. I then use Instapaper's settings to send that material, 50 articles at a time, to my Kindle. I read the articles and highight relevant passages on my Kindle. I then manually return to Instapaper, and use the Evernote web clipper (often with Clearly) to replicate the highlighting of each article on my Kindle, so that I end up with the article - and highights - in Evernote. If you can develop a way for me to automate just some of this I will pay you! Philippe
  2. I also have lots of tags that are nested and this would be very useful - perhaps a "collapse tag nest" or "collapse tag tree" and a corresponding "expand" command would be even better.
  3. The ability to manually edit the location of the note is invaluable with the new Atlas view. When I go to a restaurant, I take their card, which I scan at high resolution on my scanner at home (yes I know I could photograph it with my phone at the restaurant but sometimes that is simply not practical). I want to put in the geo-location infiormation of that business card into Evernote - so when I am out and about 6 months later and want to eat in the area, I need simply go to Atlas view and see what's nearby.
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