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  1. This issue is super annoying. I'm running the latest version on Windows 10 and the fact that Evernote opens to a tiny window each time I open it despite setting and closing Evernote with a maximised or enlarged window size. Is there any way to fix this?
  2. As I posted above, the fix will be in the next release. (It is in the current beta, 5.8.14) My apologies, I didn't see your response...
  3. Does anyone know if there's a fix in sight for this bug? It's super annoying!!
  4. I actually tried to clip a full screenshot with another application (textwrapper) running in full screen mode and I'm encountering the same problem where the clipped screenshot appears blank...
  5. Hi guys, Love the product! Just have a problem taking full screenshots of chrome while chrome is running in full screen mode. The screenshot clipped to evernote appears blank. Running evernote v5.0.0 and chrome v23.0.1271.95 in full screen mode. Any ideas? Thanks!
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