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  1. Same problem here. Works fine using Newton Mail; doesn't work in Outlook... for months, across 2 different Exchange instances.
  2. Same issue here, for months, across two different Exchange instances.
  3. +1 because I'm also now having this issue. Has anyone had a response form Evernote?
  4. I'm trying to search for 10% - but Evernote is considering the % to be something overloaded in the search string, so my history (and results) are as if I searched only on 10. I tried searching just with % and the search returned everything. So obviously it is a character substitution or "until end of line" instruction. How can I search for a % in my notes (or at least for 10%, which is what I need)?
  5. Also having this problem of typing into a note (new or existing) and having EN display "not responding" on Windows in the title bar. This isn't related to Pro, I've been a pro user for 2+ years. It seems to be happening since the latest upgrade for me too. Unfortunately, I don't know what to tell support other than ^^^^.
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