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  1. Since "ugrading" to EN 5 (now 5.0.3), EN is much slower. It flickers and lags when I click on notes, particularly those with attachments. I have many notes with PDF attachments. Eventually, it will display the pdf correctly but it takes 1-2 seconds at times. There are also issues scrolling to the bottom of notes, where the bottom of notes / related notes lag and I get weird graphical errors. This Is on an essentially new laptop, windows 8.1 (also happened on 8). Any suggestions?
  2. Yep there is no easy way, you end up duplicating notes in EN if you "open in" back and forth There is a way to do it but you have to pay for a subscription sync service See here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24919-pdf-markup/page-2#entry187996 Evernote needs to add in-app highlighting/annotation. It seems like anyone using pdf's with EN would need this
  3. Same problem yesterday. Eventually got pdf by emailing it to EN
  4. Yep. Also seems when pasting links into EN app the text is invisible at first, then magically appears
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