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  1. I download the new version and restarted Evernote. But there is any change on my Quota. But I am continue cropping adding some pages by Google Chrome and when I refreshed my Evernote desktop after a while, all are seen on my Client. But the quota still full 100%.
  2. I read it but It did not solve the problem. On the desktop client already shows The quota full, but on Google Chrome and my android phone is just 10%. My trash is empty too.
  3. Remember, You are a Human, not a machine!

  4. Hi Everyone, Just Same is for me too. In my android phone shows only 10% is used, but on my desktop application is used 100% of quota. I refreshed and synced my both applications on my pc and phone, but there is not change on quotas. Any one can help us on this situation?
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