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  1. Yes, but ALT + Shift + T does not have "contains logic", so you cannot find a note tagges as "cus-pepsi" with the search string "pepsi".
  2. The CTRL+ALT+T shortcut is nice but when searching for tags, you need "contains" logic. For example, if you have tagname="cus-pepsi" you want to be able to type in "pepsi" and find the tag anyway. this is very important.
  3. I too am struggling with tag issues and disappearing notes after moving. I migrated my personal notes with tags to business from Mac which worked, but now I can no longer change those tags or take a fresh business note and use the same tag name if it has been used before from personal and migrated. I have thought about wacking/deleting all of my personal tags and re-tagging the migrated notes fresh from within the business side, but there appears to be no way to do this either. It would be very helpful to get clear, straightforward advice as to how to work within this crippled environment until the functionality is repaired. I'm willing to limp along for a little while longer but the lack of clear work-around guidance is making this all the more difficult.
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