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  1. Hi, I have Evernote installed on my Samsung Galaxy S3...after working for a few months it has now for several months been giving the error: 'Sync Failed' I have contacted support and not received a reply..I'm trying this again. Another thread suggested installing a desktop client and deleting trash...I did this but it didn't work. When I press 'send log' this is the details I get... IsTablet: false Locale: en_AU Service: https://www.evernote.com Package: com.evernote Brand: samsung Model: GT-I9300 Network operator: 50502 / YES OPTUS Android version: 4.0.4 Evernote version: 4.4.1 Evernote revision: master_90 Evernote type: public Internal storage: 969 MB / 11 GB External storage: 969 MB / 11 GB SDCardStatus:null I could try 'logging out' and back in again on the Samsung..but could this mean I lose all my notes that are stored locally on the phone? Or will they still be there? What can I try? At the very least I want to save all my notes out of the program...but I can't even email them as this option is greyed out...only method I can think of is to manually copy and paste them out... Thanks for any suggestions. Matt
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