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  1. Boolean logic is there, any is effectively an "or" and multiple conditions an "and", it's just not uniformly applicable. Which makes notebooks clunky 2nd class citizens in the search algorithm
  2. Yes, evidently Was hoping it was more orthogonal. Sorry it wasn't clarified earlier.
  3. Thanks but that's basically just searching on two tags (after assigning everything in notebook x to a tag)... my use case is a single search, that I can put in shortcuts that would combine: notebook:x ... let's say this has 1 note notebook:y ... has a note with tag:z The search: any: notebook:x tag:z which returns the notes in notebook x and all the notes in notebook:y or any other notebook, that has tag:z
  4. I would like to find notes which are either in notebook x or have tag y, I haven't found a way to do this with the search syntax. Has anyone found a method? Thanks!
  5. 09:05:03 [INFO ] [23000] [25176] Reindexing 1 items 09:05:03 [ERROR ] [23000] [25176] Failed to remove item 30237 from reindex queue, error: LINK_ATTR_NOT_FOUND Recurs every 60 seconds. How to I clear this item from the queue? And/or how do I find which note item 30237 refers to so I can delete the frigg'in note? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling evernote. Running on Window 10 with the latest evernote release.
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