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  1. Thanks that works so far. No crashing anymore. Highly appreciated. Just installed on top of the current Evernote 7.2, so no reinstall ~ Uwe
  2. Seems 7.3 Beta 1 is out. Could somebody please post the direct download links
  3. I hope also somebody can then share the direct download links. Please
  4. Wow, that would be awesome... hoping soon is really soon. ?
  5. For me it is a problem with Evernote which Evernote would have to fix. Seems the Development team is gone quiet, despite their attendance at WWDC. Doesn't leave me with a good feeling that we get an updated version soon, but still hoping. ~ Uwe
  6. Installed, experienced crash, deinstalled, re-installed still experience a crash. Any thoughts on giving us a beta of Evernote for Mojave?
  7. Many Thanks @DTLow that worked somewhat, it still came up with the error message that my local data is managed by an higher of Evernote. I went then bravely in under application support and com...evernote and deleted the version information. It works now.
  8. I took the bait and now get a error message that my data is using a newer version (7.1 beta 1) hence can't access. Please help!
  9. They are still represented in Evernote as compressed zip files, however do open in pages, numbers, keynote, with changes being saved back to Evernote. Works beautifully IMHO, however the representation of those files as zip archives is a bit misleading..
  10. For me it works now with 5.4.3 ~ thanks for that ~ inline view of pages, numbers and keynotes would be now the next great thing.
  11. Evernote for Mac doesn't work anymore with a document created by the new Pages (ver.5 2014) format. When attaching a pages document Evernote would zip the document, which then would not allow to reopen it in pages, obviously search functionality and so on previously working with pages breaks as well. Please urgently fix that, I really rely on that feature
  12. With Skitch you can already get the option to shorten the URL, I believe with note.io which redirects to bit.ly... I would like to see the same functionality in Evernote as mentioned by the OP I regularly shorten the URL, to have that taken away from me would be great. Yes I understand it may "weaken" the security to access that specific note but as a separate option, I would love it. See here http://note.io/13EtDqD
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