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  1. I had the same problem - here is how I fixed it. Note this may not, and probably is not, a permanent fix as I suspect that if I reinstall the web-clipper I'll have to do this again. But it's easy and it works so - here you go. 1) Shut down Firefox and search in C:\Users\<Your User Name> (MIne is "Joe" so: C:\Users\Joe) for "elephant.png". I found it on my system in a folder named: C:\Users\Joe\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\2c5mazes.default-1379778883947\extensions\{E0B8C461-F8FB-49b4-8373-FE32E9252800}\chrome\skin\classic\webclipper4\win NOTE: The folder will likely have a different path name on your system as it is unique to a profile... so the above name won't work on your system - search for "elephant.png" in C:\Users\<your user name> and you should find it. 2) I moved the file "elephant.png" to a temp folder so I didn't lose it. 3) In the *same* folder is a gray icon file called "webclipper16.png". I copied it and renamed the copy "elephant.png". 4) Restarted Firefox and bingo: Nice gray icon for the Evernote webclipper. There is also a larger icon (24 pixel) in the same folder called "webclipper24.png" that you can try as well. Or you can grab one of the green Evernote icon files elsewhere and use it. I tried that, but the gray icon better suited my Firefox look. Good luck - hope this helps.
  2. I tried changing my time server - but it didn't fix it. Here's what did fix it for me: 1) I logged off and shut down EN desktop; logged off EN web and rebooted my PC. 2) I started EN desktop and logged on. 3) I changed my time server. Seems good and I cannot repeat the problem. Evernote (268604). Windows 7 SP1. Firefox 16.0.2 (I downgraded from Firefox 18 due to the web page clipping format problem mentioned elsewhere on this forum).
  3. I read wh.you.and.i's post, downgraded to Firefox 16.0.2, did not change anything else from my above post, and I too see good results. Tests so far result in excellent clips.
  4. I am using Firefox 17.0.1 and Evernote (268178) Public. Evernote web clips used to work quite well - not always perfect, but usually highly acceptable. I believe about Firefox 16.something, clipping quality deteriorated significantly. See attached for clip of google.com - that is representative of results on most sites. No site clips accecptably well relative to past performance of Evernote.
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