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  1. This is really awful. Who came up with this design? Too much white space. No more list view? (Or am i missing something?). Where are the reminder options? I've been a premium customer for a couple of years, but I'm done with all these UI changes across the different platforms. Switching over to an alternative service.
  2. Hold on! The Galaxy Note 3 has the ability to move apps over to the SD. It would be very nice to know if Evernote also can be installed this way. Can someone please try this?
  3. This Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has the ability to run certain apps from the sd card. Any Note 3 owners on this forum who can check if they can install Evernote on the sd card?
  4. Totally agree. Stop with all these massive UI changes! This new version is a complete mess on my 4s. (Off-topic : please don't mess up the Android version!)
  5. I agree. This is very annoying and needs to be fixed ASAP. It's nice to be able to annotate with Skitch, but we also need to be able to use the default selected PDF viewer!
  6. Totally agree. This is very annoying. Please create a setting for this so we can decide where to start a note. (For all platforms.)
  7. Why do you think EN is pretty good for this? It can make your handwriting searchable, but it's not really flexible to create handwritten notes. It's not even supported on all platforms. (Only Windows or Ipad in combination with additional Penultimate.)
  8. The Galaxy Note can convert your handwriting to text, but I don't think this is what you're looking for. Maybe a good alternative is Evernote for Windows desktop on a Windows Surface Pro or one of those Lenovo Thinkpad tablets. (If you don't really need Evernote, then I'd suggest you use Microsoft Onenote on a Windows tablet with a good Wacom stylus. With Onenote you can place your handwriting everywhere in a note. Very nice...).
  9. You know you can download the Evernote widget? This widget has got a 'Add new note' shortcut. I use it all the time when I want to enter data fast.
  10. When I use a saved search the list switches to a default note view and then all the handy checkboxes are gone. This is not really an option for me. I agree that development is still in an early stage, but this implementation is a bit too basic to be useful.
  11. I guess I wasn't clear in the first post. The new list widget can only show ALL reminders, right? I want to be abble to add an extra filter so I can create a widget with all reminders in Notebook A, and another widget of all reminders in notebook B. Or all reminders with Tag X Or even better : a saved search for this list widget (then I can combine notebooks/tags). Real life example : I use the tag @ShoppingMarket for all my groceries. When I'm in the supermarket all I would have to do is have a look at this specific widget.
  12. The new Android reminder widget is very nice, but please add an extra filter so we are able to list reminder for a specific tag or notebook. (I've tried to use a saved search for this, but then the reminder checkboxes aren't visible in the list). Any ideas if there's a solution for this?
  13. Totally agree. Why all these confusing UI changes? Please focus on the basic note editing functions first. And why no reminders in this version? I really don't understand...
  14. I uninstalled Evernote from my Galaxy Note 10.1. After uninstalling there was still a 6GB Evernote file on my device? Very strange. I also deleted this file. Installed Evernote again and did some tests. Every note I tried is really offline now, so I hope the problem is fixed...
  15. It's very disappointing to see that a basic feature like this just doesn't work. I need to be able to rely on a product like this. Maybe I should transfer my notes over to Onenote. They did a major update on their mobile apps recently... Will contact support. Maybe they can help me out to fix this.
  16. I've enabled the 'Offline notebook' setting on all of my notebooks on my Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet. When there's no internet connection and I try to open notes in the offline notebooks the notes won't open : No internet connection, try again later. Why are the notes not downloaded on my device? I've disabled and enabled the offline setting for a few times, but nothing happens. Any ideas what's going on here? (I know I can contact support, but there first advice is always to reinstall the product. I don't have time for that now).
  17. I was afraid of that. I don't have a lot of pictures and multi-media files so that won't help much. Yes. I guess it's time to create some none-essential notebooks. That will free up some space for the next couple of months. Too bad. Next time I'll buy a 32gb device...
  18. I'm running out of internal storage space on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Android version 4.1 What happens if I insert an SD card? Can I move all Evernote notes to the SD card? (I've searched the forums, but can't find a real answer for this. It looks like this would be possible on older Android versions, but not on current versions?).
  19. Some Evernote employees gave us a status update earlier in this thread. Where are they now?
  20. Same experience here. I only have a couple of gigabytes but the initial sync is always very slow and almost never without problems. Initial sync on Android Nexus 7 took about 2 days. Support told me to uninstall / reinstall etc. Initial sync on my iPad took about a week. Again support asked me to reinstall (is this their only advice?). This time i found out that one pdf was causing troubles. After deleting this I could complete the sync... Also had sync problems on Windows and Mac. Still have sync problems with images on iOS! Too bad there are no good alternatives available right now.
  21. Unfortunately still the same sync problems here. iPhone 4s.
  22. Totally agree. I think they just believe that about 80% of their users will upload smaller image notes now and that this will fix their problem. i would also like to see a more detailed release notes overview for this last version!
  23. i have created a couple of notes with multiple pictures whit the actual setting turned on and all notes sync without problems. So I am glad this seems to be fixed for me niw. (I agree that it is a bit of a cheap trick to reduce traffic this way.ll)
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