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  1. I'd like to know too. Deleting multiple tags won't work on the PC for me. Deleting multiple tags would be a useful feature saving EN users countless cumulative hours and hours. When you add someone elses notebook to your account - when they use tons of tags - makes for a cluttered sytem for you when you use a limited set of tags.
  2. A collegue just created and shared many notebooks with me but used the support@mycompany instead of myname@mycomany. Now I will take the time call them to ask them to take the time to do it all over again for each notebook for my evernote account email address. I wonder how many total man hours across all the evernote users have been spent collectively to do this over and over and over again... Like all the other posters except 1 -- after searching for a solution in Google I find this thread. And as usual the thread has comments from an "evengelist" telling us why we are doing it wrong. I would like to have multiple email addresses associated with my Evernote premium account.
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