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  1. ok. So that explains the difference in the results, but not why the "old" search api that FF uses returns a more thorough and complete result than the newer Chrome version.
  2. So I've looked at this on multiple machines and can't figure out what the problem is. I have the search feature enabled in Web Clipper in both FF and Chrome so that when I do a Google search it also gives me results from my notes. But I noticed that there are differences between the results depending on what browser you use. For instance, i have 4 notes that have the word "stove" in them. FF clipper reports that there are 4 notes if I Google search "stove." On the other side, Chrome appears to not be getting the results right. It only displays that there is 1 note that matches that when I do the exact same Google search in Chrome. Seems really strange, I would expect that the clippers would use the same search engine on the evernote side? I've been able to reproduce this over and over with different search terms. Chrome Clipper never seems to give an accurate search result number. --Sean
  3. Same problem WinXP, Firefox 17, Outlook 2010. Please fix Evernote 4.6.