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  1. "Users who are quick to get rid of earlier versions won't be able to do this [and will have to re-sync all notes ] unless the Evernote website contains some hidden page containing earlier version downloads."

    I put the new version in the trash, downloaded and installed version 3.3.0. When I opened EN, all the notes were fine, just as they were when I closed the program (before I upgraded). I didn't need to re-sync anything. Maybe I was just lucky ...

  2. I'm having same problem with a MacBook Pro. No problems since early 2010. Evernote increasingly unstable over past 2-3 weeks. Frequent crashes every day. After I downloaded update on 12/5, program will not open. When I click, it behaves like it's opening but cannot access program or notes. Have to hit "Force quit" to get it to close. Very frustrating!

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