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  1. Ah HAH! You're right! I created an applet with IFTTT, so that's why my search for some sort of "turn off reminders" doesn't appear inside EN. Thanks for triggering my (obviously failing) memory! I'll call this problem solved...thanks!
  2. I tested recurring reminders last month, and now can't turn the darned thing off! I set up a recurring reminder to "water garden" for every-other-day. I can delete that day's reminder, but can't find access to the original reminder to delete or turn off. Thanks!
  3. <grumble, grumble...."get off my lawn"....mumble, mumble> I use EN on both my Macbook Pro and my Windows machine, and with all things being equal (and they are...sync works great, apps work great, no problems at all), I ENJOY working with Evernote on the Mac more because of the UI. My Mac is going to my daughter for a while until she finishes school, so I'll be stuck with only the Windows version and that makes me sad ... Please provide the same stylish UI on both versions! I won't complain, I promise!
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