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  1. Not saying it's not awesome -- just saying that it doesn't solve my problem (e.g. that Evernote formatting does not work).
  2. I agree that that happens, but it's really not about ads, junk content, and other issues related to copy/paste from the web. It's just a basic formatting issue, and in fact, it's true even when pasting from non-web sources. When I copy into Word or bascially any other product, I have the option to ditch the formatting so it matches the rest. This is sorely lacking. I could go the Clearly route, but that's just another workaround, not a solution.
  3. Evernote, why oh why is it not possible to "paste as text"? When I copy information from the web into evernote on my desktop, it often is pasted in 48 point bold font. Then I have to either fiddle with the fonts, sizing, etc, or go paste the same into notepad, word, or somewhere else and then re-paste into evernote. So awful, yet so elementary! Please fix.
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