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  1. Thank you GrumpyMonkey. I heard back very quickly from EN, who upgraded my account to Premium for a week. This allowed me to access the note's history, allowing me to recover the last saved version. Thus, I am grateful to EN for their quick and generous action. I still do not know what caused the data loss initially. My best guess is that the note was approaching 8MB; I've not thoroughly scoured EN documentation, but wonder if that is a file size limit. The ticket number is #16051-196747. I'll let the group know if I hear anything further.
  2. Thank you GrumpyMonkey. I've shut down EN on my Android phone and my Win 7 machine. The online EN at www.evernote.com also shows the note in the same way that my Win 7 machine did - namely, with the data missing. I've raised a technical support call.
  3. I have been building an EN note containing text and photos for some months. I have just discovered that all but the sentence added this morning is gone. Many photos are still there, but I cannot easily assess whether any have been lost. I cannot find the text in the Trash or in other notes. 1. if my data might only be temporarily lost, are there steps that I can take to prevent their becoming permanently lost? 2. if it might be possible to recover my data, what they are? (I mirrored my HDD using Win 7's resident backup facility a few days ago.) 3. how can I prevent this happening in the future? I would be grateful either for direct answers to any of the above, or for links to answers. Thank you.
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