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  1. Thanks. The first thing I did was reboot. Today I deleted with AppCleaner, reinstalled, and resynced. That worked. The thing is, I had to do the same thing a few months ago because notes weren't syncing. I hope this does not become a chronic problem. I truly appreciate your help!
  2. Hmm. Forced sync, and no change. The syn only ran for about three seconds. The problem note looks utterly blank, and I am not able to add anything to it. I can revise the title, but can't write anything in the main field, nor does it work to drop files there. Very mysterious. I'm trying to attach a screenshot, but get a message that the attachment failed.
  3. Thank you. I should have said that I did check the web platform, and the PDFs were there. Am forcing a resync now--thanks!
  4. Today I discovered that some PDFs have disappeared from my desktop app (on an iMac). They show up on my laptop, phone, and iPad. I rebooted the computer and the application, but still no attachments. What gives?
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