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  1. I too am pretty frustrated with the documents snap shot view - the order doesn't make any sense to me as it displays the latest photo first instead of the first photo taken with subsequent photos that were taken afterwards immediately following. As with Mike and Steve, this is a pretty big issue for me as well!
  2. Haha.. whoops! Should've been more thorough in my quest Thanks for the reply though
  3. nevermind - figured it out after digging up an old email. nothing to see here
  4. Hey all! I don't know if this has been brought up before as I couldn't find the topic in the skitch area of the forums, but here's my use case: So I'm learning Rails right now and I'm noticing that I'm taking screenshots of code snippets and annotating them to review later on to reinforce what I'm learning. However, I find the limitation with skitch being that I can't stitch two images together to show the cause and effect of one code snippet on another and how they work together to arrive at an end result. Is there anything that's in the works for something like this? Thanks! Will
  5. Hola fellow Evernote users! I was wondering if it's possible to disable the automatic syncing animation at the bottom left corner of Evernote for Mac? I find it very distracting because every few minutes I see it syncing (and a bit annoying). Would appreciate any help on this Thanks! Will P.S. this is my first forum post! I recently became a Premium user after being a free user for quite some time
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