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  1. 5.03 was so unusable for me that I was forced to again immediately downgrade to the version you provided in response to the problems in 5.02. I AM continuing to experience crashes with that version (which I believe may be 5.01), and I've been submitting crash reports as they pop up (many times a day), but because I'm not using (and not willing to use) 5.03, I have no idea if those reports are being examined or ignored due to the fact that they're reports for an older version. I'm waiting for the next update. I'm sorry if that's not helpful to the team trying to identify the cause for these crashes, but I don't have time to beta this software. I need it to work, and if it doesn't, I need to wait for a version that does or find an alternative. (Which, frankly, would suck, since I've only just recently migrated over in full, due to thinking Evernote was the best thing ever.)
  2. Still broken! I hope the downgrade link version is still on that other thread. Evernote has crashed within about thirty seconds of launching, every time I've launched it (five times and counting) since I updated to this version. Better than the last version--it doesn't hang--but still unusable, I'm sorry to say. P.S. - Was/is this supposed to be a Beta version? In all seriousness, I need to stick to the most recent stable version until these bugs are all ironed out. I don't mind beta software, when I'm signed up for that, but... I didn't intend to download a beta version of Evernote. I rely on it too much for that.
  3. I haven't heard anything more from support yet. On another thread about the same issue, an Evernote Employee provided a link to an earlier version for downgrading, and I did that, then synced my unsynced notes from that downgraded version. That has resolved my issue with lost notes, though not my issue with the update. I have no local-only notebooks, but I presume one could export them according to the procedure posted upthread, and simply make a habit of ALWAYS doing an export prior to installing any update, to prevent something like this happening again. Personally, I intend to ALWAYS confirm that ALL my notes are synced before allowing Evernote to update in the future. This is probably a good practice to get into anyway. However, for anyone who relies on local-only notebooks, I would encourage them to regularly export that content as a back-up before permitting Evernote to install an update. (Or better yet, Evernote could, itself, include a function to automatically export a backup of any local-only notebooks or unsynced notes before updating.)
  4. I got the same advice from support, but haven't tried it yet, because I have local, unsynced notes I don't want to lose. Please tell me, someone, how you're supposed to export your unsynced or local notes if Evernote WON'T RUN? Am I just not understanding what support is suggesting in that quote above? is there some way to export Evernote notes from OUTSIDE of Evernote?
  5. I am experiencing the same issues others above have reported. I'm on a 2.4g intel mac with 2g ram running Snow Leopard. Very frustrated. One additional thing I noticed, besides the fact that Evernote won't start and becomes unresponsive: In the Activity Monitor, I can't kill the EvernoteHelper process.
  6. No suggestions, but I'm experiencing the same issue. I'm on an intel mac running Snow Leopard.
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