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  1. One year on and these problems STILL EXIST! Apart from the print size issue, I also cannot print text in italic, nor can I underline any words: it messes up the text when I do. There are so many little annoying bugs in Evernote. Given the popularity of the program, and the time you've had to investigate these minor faults, it really is quite pathetic that they haven't been fixed. Sorry to be so blunt, but it's the truth. Please can you update us as to when they will be fixed.
  2. Thanks for that, but erm, are there any solutions? This isn't exactly an obscure issue......
  3. Hi, Problems when printing: 1) Italics When printing words in italic, it skips out parts of the letters, making it almost illegible. 2) Underlining The underline, rather than being actually UNDER the word, goes right through the middle. 3) Font size Despite printing on the tiniest fonts (I.e. 8 or 10) it actually prints MUCH larger - equivilent to size 18 or 20 on Word. Please help, this is really annoying. Not to do with my printer; I don't have these problems on other programs etc. Also the same things show up on print preview! Please see attached file Thanks
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